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Robert Latorre

Robert Latorre is the Executive Producer for The Big Freeze, a company that specializes in freezing time.

Robert Latorre born in Brooklyn, New York, earned his BS in Professional Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and afterwards began his photography career with the national news and wire service agencies in New York City. After a life as a photojournalist that brought him all around the world Latorre settled in Texas, opening Robert Latorre Productions, which grew into Big Fish Films, a highly successful, much sought after TV Commercial Film Company in Dallas. His success as a commercial award-winning photographer was only surpassed by his gift as a director, known for his dramatic lighting and innovative directorial approach. ADWEEK had chosen Robert Latorre, Commercial Film Director of the Year, and Creative All-Star Photographer, each twice. In 1995, Latorre became fascinated with the frozen moment. Having a flare for Engineering, and a natural interest for how things work, He looked for new ways to use this unique look in his work. He designed and built his first Big Freeze system, which yielded an advanced frozen moment effect. Latorre was rewarded with a Clio award for Special Effects and an Emmy nomination. The Big Freeze Worldwide, created and owned by Latorre, is now the most advanced Camera Array System in the world. It can be seen in feature films, commercials, and on the Red Carpet. Robert Latorre has hurdled feats in technology and software to advance the system to the stunning, amazing effect that it is today. It is unique in its capability to capture, download and playback frozen effects in stunning HD or in 3D ! It can deliver a vivid 360-degree virtual or frozen moment image in seconds to a live broadcast seen around the world, or directed to any social media site for instant viral sharing. Apps we developed optimize the effects for any smart device to play and interact with the movie. The Big Freeze has been revolutionary for photography and digital engineering. Latorre has one simple philosophy, "Photography and film making is very much about the inner eye. If you can capture on film what you can see, you can tell a story to everyone who sees it. It's a marrying of science with creativity that allows an artist to really reach that higher level of perception."

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