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Phil Arntz

Phil is a german Director of Photography and Director currently based in Amsterdam.

Phil is a german Director of Photography and Director currently based in Amsterdam. Ever since leaving formal education of the age of 16, he has picked up knowledge and skills from some of the most recognised talents in the industry. Combining his love of visuals and travelling, he has travelled around the world for the last 3 years, working with a wide variety of clients and creatives of all nationalities to produce content of all forms, including commercials, documentaries, narrative content, action sports virals and more. In 2014, Phil relocated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for one year, to shoot some of the biggest productions in the city, collaborating with likeminded creatives from around the world. Combining his passion of beautiful visuals and emotionally moving stories, Phil is constantly seeking and realising opportunities that broaden horizons in the world of visual media.

Having entered the industry in a time where the shift from film to digital cinematography is steadily happening, Phil realises that it’s important to study the advancement of technology. Testing new camera foramts, from Digital Cinema Cameras like the RED EPIC Dragon, Arri Alexa, Sony F55 & F65, to specialty cameras like the Phantom Flex 4K or Action Cameras, Phil is able to make an informed choice of camera format based on the needs of the production.

Phil often operates the camera when he is the Cinematographer or works with the Director of Photography on different projects as the camera operator. Phil has a natural sense for framing and is very experienced with using ultra-telephoto lenses like the Canon 1200mm and is also a camera operator of the Ultimate Arm. Having spent over 200 hours in the Ultimate Arm as a camera operator and learning closely from senior, experienced Crane and Camera Operators, Phil has learned to utilise the technology to it’s full potential.