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Behind the Scenes -
The Music Factor
A music documentary

I’ve been using the brilliant F&V Z400 LED lights for a while now and they have been ever present on my current documentary, The Music Factor.
These lights are with me when I have plenty of time to set up an interview shoot, but are not practical when run and gunning. For these situations I use a combination of the ultra portable Z180 UltraColors and the R300 ring light.

Running around dark and dingy music venues trying to shoot a band and its crowd has its complications, mostly the lack of available light. With the Z180 UltraColor LED light, I’ve attached this to the top of my C100 MKII and gotten the necessary amount of light without compromising the size of my rig too much. I always keep a couple of lightweight light stands in my tripod bag, so interviewing the bands either before or after a gig isn’t an issue as I can have a perfect light source set up in seconds.

When I have more time in an interview setup I always like to use a combination of the whole range of F&V lights, and because of their high CRI and TLCI I dont have to worry about them not matching up colour wise.
I will typically use one of the Z400’s and its milk diffusers for a key light, one for fill, a Z180 for a hair or back light, then the R300 as a catch light. That leaves me with another Z400 and a few Z180’s to light up the background.

Whether it’s the Z400 kit or the smaller Z180’s and R300 ring light, I always have them on me or in my kit bag to use for almost any situation.


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