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On Location -
Big Freeze Nikon CES 2015
Big Freeze and F&V K4000 at the Nikon booth at CES

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to freeze time? Well Robert Latorre with The Big Freeze does it for a living…with a little help from F&V’s K4000 LED Studio Panel.

As one of the best in the business, Robert Latorre has frozen time at events like the Emmys, the ESPYS, the Golden Globes, and the US Open. He does so by utilizing a 360-degree ring of DSLR cameras, sometimes reaching up to 360 cameras! Using a special software, he can travel in a circle around the subject matter as if they are frozen in time. As many of your are familiar with, its the same effect as the iconic “bullet time” scene from the Matrix.

Since the Big Freeze must look at a subject in 360-degree space, it is imperative that the lighting is consistent from frame to frame in all directions. When we asked Robert about his experience with the F&V K4000, he stated,

“they are the most consistent color temperature of any of the light panels we have used .. in our world any slight color difference from light to light is a variable we cannot tolerate…when i found you guys at NAB, and then tested your lights with our set up .. it made all the difference in our work .. skin tone was now rendered as we saw it .. colors are bright and clean .. ”

We are thrilled to hear that the F&V K4000 LED Studio Panels play an integral role in Robert’s awesome work. Robert says he now has over forty (yes, 40) K4000 panels! He’s an F&V super star!

One of the most recent appearances that the K4000 had was at the Nikon booth at CES. The Big Freeze introduced their new camera system which utilizes 48 of the new D750 each outfitted with the new 20mm f/1.8. You can see the Nikon sizzle reel here:

We can’t help but smile every time we watch one of Robert’s videos, and we can’t wait to see what Robert will be freezing next. You can check out an assortment of their other work here:

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