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Behind the Scenes -
„A Life of Beauty“ alessandro International
A profile of Silvia Troska from the emotional perspective of her employees.

Alessandro International is a producer of professional cosmetic goods, operating in various countries.

In march 2015, the BEAUTY Düsseldorf, which is one of the largest specialized fairs for cosmetic goods worldwide, celebrated it’s 30th anniversary. Alessandro international participates in the event every year and always puts a great deal in the brand’s presentation there. This time the trade fair awarded the price „A Life of Beauty“ to Silvia Troska, the founder of the company.

For that reason, lionmind had the job to produce a video, that creates a profile of Silvia Troska: from the emotional perspective of her employees.

The interview shootings with the employees took place in two different locations: a storehouse and a modern office building. Both settings provided a large amount of available light from windows. The lighting situation changed over the hours of shooting. Our K8000 LED panels worked great in these scenes. We used one of them as a key light and a reflector to lighten up the other parts of the faces. The other K8000 illuminated the background. An HDR300 highlighted the objects from the back.

The differences in brightness from the windows could easily be regulated by the LED’s dimmers. The K8000s were strong enough to compensate the sunlight in the room. The panels could be matched perfectly with real daylight.

We shot the sequences on a GH4 with Canon lenses and a metabones speedbooster. The camera was equipped with the SpectraHD 4 EVF. The viewfinder allowed to set perfect sharpness with an open aperture of f/2.8. The resolution of the display at such a small size is amazing.